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A new and unique range of fishing tees for the whole family! Gidday from Downunder! My names Cynthia and I’m a fishoholic !!! Other fishoholics will understand exactly what I mean by the statement above.I have been fishing since I was about 5 and my Dad taught me. Fishing has given me some amazing opportunities such as, using fishing as a therapy to reduce stress, reduce social isolation, physical exercise, renew, relax and to bulid long lasting friendships from around the world. I have also had the opportunity with hard work, blood, sweat and tears, to be the first female to achieved the 3 fresh water Royal Slams with the International Game Fish Association and in 2013 I held the record of the fastest Royal Slam! So there’s no doubt that fishing is not just a passion for me, it’s in my blood. Now I have the fantastic opportunity,, with the support of my amazing partner Matt, my wonderful children Chris and Nick plus awesome friends, to have my own Fishing Apparel and Merchandise Company called Fishy Tee Co! From the traditional fishing tee to funky out of the box designs you haven’t seen in fishing apparel before, to suit all ages. So keep your eye’s peeled, lines tight and ready to cast and hook your very own LAUNCH OFFER! Tight lines!

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